A few questions you may have

Of course it is.  Why do you think it’s called Crap Presents – surely you wouldn’t expect anything else!

Well… not a lot really…  you will get a special certificate which you can write on yourself or we can personalise it before posting. Then the gift, which provides all the information and instructions as to how to fully enjoy the gift, where to go and what to do. We also provide additional really crap bits to enhance the experience and make it really special.

This all comes in a C5 blue envelope… so you can’t miss it. Don’t get your expectations too high as it is crap, but we hope it will give minutes of enjoyment to that special person and make them laugh.

No not at all, we wouldn’t be that crap.

Of course you can, you can send as many as you want and to as many addresses as you want – as long as they are in the UK.  Just remember to put the details in correctly on who’s getting what gift.  You don’t really want Aunt Flo who hates football to receive the World Cup Final Tickets, she may not appreciate it and certainly won’t find it funny – well she might do!

We post each gift separately, so for example – if you have ordered 3 gifts then these will come in 3 separate envelopes.  We post each gift at the same time, however we cannot guarantee that you will receive them on the same day – we are in the hands of the Royal Mail.  If you haven’t received all your gifts after 5 working days – then please contact us.