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Paper Aeroplane Racing Gift

 A fascinating hobby and a wonderful gift that’s been around for over two thousand years, paper aeroplane racing is something that everyone can do.    It’s not rocket science is it? It’s a piece of paper folded a few times and thrown into the air – we’ve all done it haven’t we.

So, we thought, why not take a universal favourite and turn it into a competition? Admittedly, we’re not the first. Some company called Red Bull do a thing too. But not Paper Aeroplane Racing they don’t – you’ve got to wonder why haven’t you?

Suitable for:       Agoraphobics

Competitive children of all ages

Aeronautical engineers

Desperate babysitters



  • We recommend holding the race inside, but if you have to hold it outside, do it in a sheltered spot on a clear, dry day when there isn’t any wind.
  • Gather the competitors and show them where the starting line is
  • Give everyone a standard piece of A4 office paper
  • Shout ‘make your plane!’
  • Everyone folds their piece of paper (without ripping, tearing, using glue or otherwise cheating in any way) until they have the something that’s pane shaped.
  • Everyone gathers with their aeroplanes at the starting line
  • Shout ‘ throw your plane!’
  • Everyone throws their planes as far down the track as they can
  • Congratulations! You have experienced Paper Aeroplane Racing Gift


Bespoke your Gift

Go the the website we found – Easy Paper Aeroplanes to fold

Print out the instructions for some of the more challenging paper aeroplane designs you’ll find there that are suitable only for origami masters and idiot savants.  Hand out to the competitors. Punish failure.


So once you’ve had lots of fun is flying your paper aeroplanes, why not try out the real thing with our plane spotting gift


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Q: What is in the crap present ?

A: well… not a lot really…  you will get a special certificate which you can write on yourself or we can personalise in crayon before posting. Then the gift which provides all the information and instructions as to how to fully enjoy the gift, where to go and what to do. We also provide additional really crap bits to enhance the experience and make it really special.

Q: How big is the present ?

A: This all comes in a C5 blue envelope… so you cant miss it. Dont get your expectations to high as it is crap, but we hope it will give minutes of enjoyment to that special person and make them laugh.

Q: Are the Crap Presents really crap ?

A: YES… not sure which part of Crap you don’t understand


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