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The Easiest Jigsaw Puzzle Gift

Do you want to know how the word jigsaw came to be used to describe a type of puzzle? No, neither did we.  So we decided to create the Easiest Jigsaw Puzzle Gift.

And the world is full of dissectologists who don’t care either.  These are the kind of people who happily spend hours assembling hundreds of the same shaped pieces of interlocking card only to end up with a  picture of a plate of beans or a cloudless blue sky

That’s a massive investment of time and effort. Imagine how crap it would be to get to the end and find there’s a piece missing!

That’s never going to happen with this jigsaw puzzle gift. We’ve taken simple and turned it into an idiot.

So, if you know someone with the attention span of a goldfish, this is the piece of crap gift for them

Suitable for:
People who think they’re funny
Children under the age of two


  • Take your puzzle (piece) and hold it up in front of you
  • Take a long, long look at the piece
  • Note the size, note the shape
  • Make sure you can remember what colour it is
  • Check for any easily recognizable sections
  • Now – CAREFULLY – place the piece on a table
  • Congratulations! You have completed The Easiest Jigsaw

Bespoke your Gift

You couldn’t fail to complete this jigsaw puzzle gift , even if you had pincers for hands (which would be even more crap than this gift)

So why not take it up a notch. Draw or paint a picture on one side of the piece. Not so easy now is it?

Now where does this gift sit on our crap scale – it’s at a whopping number 9

So now you realise you have just completed one of our crappiest gifts – why not try another, the name and own your own star gift is just as crap, sitting at number 8 on our crap scale.


Crap Presents Delivery Information

We do only post within the UK

We do post to BFPO (British Forces Post Office) addresses, as long as it has a UK postcode

Envelopes are provided loose inside the postage envelope for you to use, if the crap present is not personalised and delivered directly, as specified during the checkout process.

We post ALL Crap Presents second class. This is the ONLY postal service we provide – we do not offer an alternative crap service.

Once the purchase has been made, they are posted the next working day. (i.e, if ordered on a Monday, we will be posting the item on the following Tuesday). If an order has been made on a Friday, this will be posted the following Monday. (unless this is a bank holiday and then we wont bother)

We post Monday to Friday ONLY.

The postal service is provided by Royal Mail and they claim to deliver the item the following day after posting, although the service can take anytime up to 5 WORKING DAYS.

We don’t have any control over the service Royal Mail provide – although we are always happy to help if the item has still not arrived after the 5 WORKING DAYS. Our Crap Presents are usually received within 2-3 working days.

If you have NOT received your order within 5 WORKING DAYS, please do contact us as there may have been an issue with the postal service. Our presents may be crap but we will do our best to help.

The address we use to post to comes from the details on you order – therefore please ensure these details are correct at the time of purchase as we cannot change the address once it has been posted. Please do contact us asap if you need to change the address information via email. We will confirm your details have been changed if we can and please allow a few hours for us to confirm receipt of your request.


Q: What is in the crap present ?

A: well… not a lot really…  you will get a special certificate which you can write on yourself or we can personalise in crayon before posting. Then the gift which provides all the information and instructions as to how to fully enjoy the gift, where to go and what to do. We also provide additional really crap bits to enhance the experience and make it really special.

Q: How big is the present ?

A: This all comes in a C5 blue envelope… so you cant miss it. Dont get your expectations to high as it is crap, but we hope it will give minutes of enjoyment to that special person and make them laugh.

Q: Are the Crap Presents really crap ?

A: YES… not sure which part of Crap you don’t understand

Q: Will I need help with this jigsaw?

A: That depends on you really – if you do, then we think there might be something seriously wrong with you.

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