Joke Presents

We all have those people in our lives that are always being the practical jokers, and you just sometimes want to get your own back with them.  Well now you can – because Crap Presents have come up with the perfect Joke Presents.

Now imagine the look on the face of your mate, you know the one who always thinks he’s funny – now he loves driving doesn’t he – of course he does.  So what you do, is buy him the Ultimate Driving Experience.

There he is, thinking that you have gone to town on a present for him – as he opens the gift and sees the words he is just so excited – then he starts reading the gift even more – that look of amazement on his face starts to turn to a frown, even confusion, and then the laughter starts, and you’re both laughing, especially you, because you know you have finally got him back with your Joke Presents idea.

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