Who we are

We’re a bunch of Guys and Gals who have crazy minds and like to have a laugh.

What is/are crap presents

Crap Presents is a bit of fun. Some light relief in a crazy, upside down world.

Every gift has been conceived and constructed with one aim in mind.  To be funny.  To make you laugh.  To make the recipient laugh.  To turn that frown upside down.

Stop wasting your time trawling the internet for crap no-one wants. Crap Presents have taken the stress out of token present purchasing and given you crap that everyone wants.

  • Does your best friend need cheering up?
  • What about a Valentines with a difference? (Dirty Weekend away ticks every box!)
  • Got to buy a gift for that person who has everything?
  • What about that person who always tells you not to buy them anything then sulks for 6 months if you don’t?
  • And the work colleague who got you those chocolates for your birthday last year? (even though you don’t eat chocolate because you’re allergic and your eyeballs will probably explode.)
  • Secret Santa?
  • The nephews, cousins, insert other relative type here____________________ that you only contact on birthdays and Christmas.

The list of people that will love these gifts is endless!

How did Crap Presents Start

Have you ever had one of those midweek evenings that start off with just dinner and a glass of wine, you know, it’s a school night, let’s not go crazy, and then the food’s gone and the wine’s flowing and suddenly the two of you are surfing barefoot down the rainbow of inspiration and every idea is genius and what do you mean there’s no wine left?

This happened.

And in the fog of the following workday morning we found ourselves peering blearily at the almost Leonard de Vinci level notes we’d taken the night before.

Whilst not having come up with the answer to life, the universe and everything, we had come up with a pile of crap that was funny – and that’s how we started.

Crap Stuff About Us

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One of us doesn't eat vegetables, so the Indoor Allotment Gift would be crap for him.
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Two of us love wine, they're the two who came up with Crap Presents after drinking quite a lot of it.
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Our combined age is 188 - Crap that sounds old.
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None of us have ever been to the moon, whatever some of us might tell you.
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One of us has a fetish for gnomes, and now has 8 of them with more to follow.
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We all believe in unicorns (or do we?)