The Place for Joke Presents

Why is this the place for Joke Presents and why is it called Crap Presents?  Why not?  When it comes to setting expectations, we thought it best to start low.

Be Warned!!  Everything we’re offering sounds amazing on the face of it.  Who wouldn’t want to go on a Dodo Safari? …and now do you see where we’re going with this?  So what if all the dodo’s are dead and the safari is more like a bit of a long walk.  It’s funny, especially if you’re the one giving the gift!

Revel in their baffled faces and cries of ‘what is this pile of crap?’ and know you’ve really thrown down the gauntlet when it comes to Crap gift giving.

Who are these Joke Presents be for?


Some examples include:

That joker who thinks they’ve got the monopoly on rubbish-not-really-very-funny gifts; people you work with, family members you don’t like very much, family members you adore.  Friends, enemies.  Rich people that send you inappropriately expensive gifts to make you feel bad. (Murder Mystery Party anyone?) Birthdays, Secret Santa’s, stocking fillers, Valentines.

Oh, and of course anyone that’s already sent you a Crap Presents gift.

Why do Crap presents make the best gifts?

Imagine that your partner keeps nagging you for that special birthday present ‘like Brian got last year a Super Car Driving Experience to remember with a video to keep. That’s not too much to hope for is it darling?’

Not with the Crap Presents gift The Ultimate Driving Experience it’s not!

It sounds just like the real deal.  It’ll definitely be an experience to remember.  And it’ll cost you less than a tenner.

But It’s not the cost, it’s the look on their face when they open up that Crap Presents envelope and realise what Ultimate really means – Priceless.

what a load of crap

We want to have loads of laughs with you – so share your experience with us by sending your pictures and videos.